a  b  o  u  t:

Palava are a folk-roots ensemble from Nottingham UK playing acoustic music with Celtic and American influences.  The line-up includes:

Nick Butcher - vocals, guitar, bass, harmonica

John Gaffan - mandolin, 12-string guitar

Liam Doona - banjo, dobro, guitar

Steve Church - violin

Lorenzo Salzano - bass

To date, Palava have recorded 2 albums, fallen in clover and the whitethorn tree - both recorded at Lissadell Cottage, Co. Mayo, Ireland - engineered and produced by Chris Madin with additional instrumentation also provided by Chris Madin.

Please feel free to download the songs from the first two albums.  If you want to find out more, please contact us (see below).

g  i  g  s:

No current plans to tour but the band are always open to offers!

c  o  n  t  a  c  t  :

nick butcher via folkwit


p  r  e  v  i  e  w  / d o w n l o a d:

f a l l e n  i n  c l o v e r

fallen in clover (PG - contains language unsuitable for children)
boys from an eastern county
smoke and lies
spirits in the stones
things we do
north by north west
wings of angels (PG - contains language unsuitable for children)
don't turn the radio down
building a new heart
going home
the angels of castlebar
don't go making waves

t h e  w h i t e t h o r n  t r e e

a town called blue
awake now
life's too short
settling bed
make her mine
rambling time
too true
the whitethorn tree
a clean break


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